BBQ's & Marinades

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The BBQ is just one, big frying pan that means you can easily whip up a meal with little fuss and know it will taste good, tick the healthy box and please the troops all at the same time.

Monster Benefits to the BBQ:

  • you can cook for a crowd or a couple just the same. 
  • it's easy to keep clean if you give it a good scrape down after using each time
  • you can keep things warm on the side.
  • You can cook fast or slow using the hood or a lid
  • Super versatile 

The selection of meats at the butcher are now drowned in highly processed, sugar ladened, additive loaded flavourings and marinades to lure you into thinking you're creating an easy, healthy meal because it's served with a salad.

Secret Spice Co blends give you an easy, cheap way to add the flavour without skimping on the quality and keeping it healthy. I want you to feel confident to tweak your own recipes and take whatever ingredients you have available to make meal time easy and satisfying.