How this all started

The Evolution of
Secret Spice Co

Hey, I'm Kimberly and here's a "short" version of where these magnificent spice blends came from. Popcorn not needed for a change!

No starvation, deprivation or counting anything but goodness here. Meal planning and prep can be a breeze when you have a few tricks up your sleeve and the motivation is that you feel damn good, and who doesn't want that?

After 20 or so years as a nurse, I became a Nutrition Consultant,

Ran fermentation and gut health workshops and held a “Healthy Habits” style course to help people make the transition to healthy living and eating. But it just wasn’t quite floating my boat. 

It was the recipes, being in the kitchen and sharing my love of food that got the best feedback. I soon learnt that the amount of zinc in broccoli matters very little if you pair it with a sauce from a jar filled with crappy ingredients (note: i like the word “crappy”). All the whacky dietary advice out there has left us all confused and waaaay too focussed on these little details.

So I added the title “Recipe Developer” and turned my time to showing people how to easily whip up a healthy meal without using packets or jars of flavours filled with the ingredients that cause inflammation, gut irritation and really lack any nutritional benefit at all. 

I secretly teach people how to eat healthier without them really noticing that my goal is getting food on the table that is based on ingredients from nature, untouched by a laboratory or a factory!

I'm still a Registered Nurse, with 17 of the 20 odd years spent in ICU where I gradually worked out most of our patient's were there due to long term lifestyle diseases. In short, diseases created by the way they lived.

These few things are a common thread in lifestyle disease:
  • Crappy food
  • Crappy stress
  • Crappy social circles
  • Crappy movement
  • Generally a crappy view on life - what it has to offer and what you can offer it!

Any one of these parts of life can affect your long term health so I slowly snuck out the hospital door and opened another one that I believed could help people avoid the crisis point of ending up in ICU!

I started making changes in these areas of my life and like every other health freak newbie evangelist, tried to tell everyone else to make the changes too - my poor family and friends had to listen to me ramble on about how I ditched the crappy symptoms I’d accepted as normal and how fricken amazing I was feeling and that they should do what I did to feel better or to stop any disease sneaking in the back door!

Enter the next qualification I’ve given myself  “Spice Blending Extraordinaire”! 

My most popular recipe was my “Coconut Chicken Curry” but it had 12 different spices!  I also had been working on a Mexican spice blend and an everyday herby blend in the background. I had this monster jar of herbs that I’d show everyone in videos as my go-to flavour base for everything and they ALL wanted to get their hands on it!

It dawned on me that this was the perfect way to get healthy food on the table fast! No packets required except the ones I was going to create! Boom! Lightbulb moment and within 3 weeks I had everything I needed to create my own blends….including a group of about 20 people I’d rallied from different communities I was part of - all interested in eating real food, simplifying meal planning and prep and having instant flavour on hand without needing 10 thousand packets and a long recipe!

kimberly cooking with secret spice co organic spices

We tested a spice a month over 6 months and they were all winners! The formulas haven’t changed once since and we have today the perfect range that have become so many people’s pantry staples.

In the December of 2021 I designed and created a new website, launched the spices to Australia, changed the packaging and embarked on a totally foreign journey through the world of selling physical products. All the while my purpose, mission and values haven’t changed through these past 9 years. 


To inspire people back in the kitchen, cooking nourishing food and sharing conversations each day and for generations to come. We want people to love cooking from scratch because it tastes so good.


To create outstanding organic spice blends and seasonings that make healthy food easier to prepare without sacrificing flavour. .


Honesty - No BS, honest flavour and real ingredients.

Community: Bringing people together through food, teaching our children how to cook and appreciate real food, Inspiring each other to be the best.

Simplicity: Uncomplicated recipes and techniques, no complex guidelines to healthy eating, 

So there you have it….if you’ve come this far maybe you should’ve got the popcorn!

In a nutshell, I'm here to tell you that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated or bland or boring and you don’t have to accept crappy symptoms as normal. 

I did for decades! I got rid of mine by switching to real food and understanding how to make the best choice when I eat out or just can't be phaffed cooking for myself. Yes, that happens ALL THE TIME!

Let me know what your kitchen or food struggles are and let’s find a way round it.

Let’s spice it up!