Spice Up Your BBQ

Spice Up Your BBQ

The BBQ is just one, big frying pan that means you can easily whip up a meal with little fuss and know it will taste good, tick the healthy box and please the troops all at the same time.

In this article, I'm going to give you some of my favourite ways to cook on the BBQ, with spices as a rub or marinade.

Monster Benefits to the BBQ:

  • you can cook for a crowd or a couple just the same. 
  • it's easy to keep clean if you give it a good scrape down after using each time
  • you can keep things warm on the side.
  • You can cook fast or slow using the hood or a lid
  • Super versatile (see below on ways to cook on a BBQ)
BBQ cooking with fire and organic spices from Secret Spice Co

Fire has been used for cooking for millions of years (don’t quote me on that). While the methods are wide and varied these days, the intention is often the same. It involves a gathering of people around something hot to watch their food cook. 

We all have our methods that range between the ultra fanatical, possessive BBQer that won't hand over the tongs to the super lax, fluff free/take over if you please snoozer where the odd bit of burn is acceptable.

Wherever you sit, you probably know the concept of a meat rub, marinade or seasoning has become quite an institution. Not to mention the smoking craze that’s on my bucket list to learn! Trouble being the selection of meats at the butcher are now drowned in highly processed, sugar ladened, additive loaded flavourings and marinades to lure you into thinking you're creating an easy, healthy meal because it's served with a salad.

Secret Spice Co blends give you an easy, cheap way to add the flavour without skimping on the quality and keeping it healthy. I want you to feel confident to tweak your own recipes and take whatever ingredients you have available to make meal time easy and satisfying. 

image of father's day bbq pack iincluding 4 organic spice blends

Secret Spice Co blends mean you have endless easy BBQ flavour options that are ready to go. It’s not just for meat though. Slabs of vegetables, sweet potatoes slices and all the trimmings are featuring more and more. All you need is to add oil and salt (except Spring Zing is already salted). Because there’s no sugar, additives or fillers included, you get nothing but pure, unadulterated flavour.

Ways to cook on the BBQ

  • On a rack or in a basket - more delicate foods that you don’t want to move around too much or you need to control the heat better. A whole fish for example. 
  • On the grill to get a smokey, charred finish. Start on the grill, then move to the plate or vice versa
  • On the plate for an even, searing heat or for tossing around veggies like onions and mushies.
  • In foil, for steaming and keeping delicate foods like fish separated from the rough treatment a snag or burger might receive.
  • With the hood down and the heat lower for a more controlled cook of roast meats, spuds and larger pieces of veggies. This creates an oven effect with the bonus of smokey BBQ flavour.

AND for the contentious bit - to season or to not? This is the question. Traditionalists may say the latter and stick to the natural flavour of the food & BBQ. But sometimes they just need to be swayed! Me, I love adding an extra bang of flavour to everything! Means you can have a different flavour and never hear the words, “Not another BBQ!”

BBQ Beef with asian noodles and Sweet Spice from Secret Spice Co organic spices

How to use spice on the BBQ:

  • oil your meat, fish or vegetables
  • Sprinkle your chosen spice over, lightly for a subtle flavour
  • Or be generous and coat so you can't see what's underneath…..Yasssss!
  • *Salt before you cook with an unrefined salt like Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt

Our Salt Bombs are already salted (duh), so add the amount that you enjoy. The Salt Bombs can also be added to your BBQ foods after it's cooked if you have a fussy lot that don't like too much going on in the spice department.

If you’re using it as a rub, use as much or as little as you like. I completely roll my meat in a salty/spice mix before hitting the BBQ, pan or oven to get that lick-the-plate-clean urge at the end of the meal. Start with less and add more next time. The spice is super concentrated so you don’t want to blow your head off on the first try.

The most uninteresting foods can be turned into something amazing by using a flavour-full spice blend and the right amount of salt. That’s why I’ve left the salt out, so you can add a little or a lot without overshooting your salt quota! (plus it’s a cheap filler that you just don’t need to pay me for!)

BBQ kangaroo fillets with a spice rub from Secret Spice Co organic blends

How to use spice to marinate BEFORE you BBQ:

  • Combine your spice with salt and oil (no salt for Salt Bombs)
  • Delhi goes perfectly with a little yoghurt or coconut cream
  • Start with 2-3 teaspoons of spice to 1 teaspoon of salt per 500g of meat (*Spring Zing & Chilli Garlic are already salted). If you’re nervous, use less. You can always do a tester and add more but you can’t take it out!
  • Mix well so it's all in the nooks and crannies
  • Marinate for a few hours or overnight so the flavours soak through. 
  • Thread on a skewer if it’s diced or cook straight on a greased plate

Marinades and heavily spiced foods will leave a mess so don’t have the heat too high and keep scraping the plate clean as you go. I’m not a fan of the silicone mats, just doesn’t get the same flavour, but knock yourself out if you like them.

Let me know if this changes the way you use the BBQ!

Keep it Simple,

Kimberly xo

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