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Feasting Frenzy Tips

Heading into the Silly Season, I always have plenty of functions to go to, and I’m sure you do too. Some are very casual, but many are the full cook up feasting frenzy!

feasting and feeding a crowd.

I’ve got a few tips for you to help you get through without bursting at the seams or forgetting what it feels like to be hungry.

Without fail, every morning I will have a shot of Changing Habits Green Powder, Colloidal minerals and Probiotic Powder in a little water or added to a green smoothie. It is the perfect detox and immune boosting tool I use most of the year, but I’m particularly diligent around Christmas.

The morning of the frenzy:

  • A green smoothie is a perfect pre or post feasting breakfast.
  • Include some fermented foods or drinks throughout the day.
  • Drink lemon juice squeezed in water 20 minutes before each meal to keep your digestive juices flowing
  • Do some exercise no matter how little time you have.
  • Have a decent meal before you head out, preferably packed with vegetables to keep your liver happy and the nutrients flowing

During the Frenzy:

  • Don’t go to dinner or lunch starving. You’re more likely to overfill your plate. Besides, is a Christmas meal ever at a mealtime?
  • Be mindful of how much booze and nibbles you have before the meal that may be hours away.
  • If you have to take a plate, make it a fruit platter, roast vegetable salad, or Garlic Greens so you know you have something less stodgy to fill up on.
  • Eat mindfully, don’t scoff your food down like you’ll never eat again!
  • Keep your portions in check. You will not die of starvation in the next 24 hours!
  • Get everyone outside and for a walk after the meal to stretch the legs, talk to someone different and let the food settle before tackling dessert!!

The morning after:

  • Try holding off on breakfast until late morning to give your system a rest.
  • Keep today’s meals light especially if you have to back it up tomorrow!
  • Include some fermented food or drinks to help replenish microbes damaged by your over indulgence!
  • Drink plenty of water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to keep the digestive juices flowing
  • Go for a long walk and get some fresh air into your lungs
  • When you’re not eating out, eat light on the protein and heavy on the greens

Don’t forget to be kind, tolerant and grateful for what you have and who you are with.

Happy Feasting!!

Kimberly xo

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  • Wendy

    Great tips to remember Kimbie. Enjoy all the Christmas 🎄🎄 activities.
    Happy Christmas to you,Stu and boys.xxxxx

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