image of moroccan ratatouille with roast lamb

Kimberly's Kitchen - Week 1

These are not recipes but a rundown on how it all comes together. You don't need a recipe when you have Secret Spice Co blends in your arsenal.

Monday - Moroccan Ratatouille with Roast Lamb

image of moroccan ratatouille with roast lamb

This is the easiest way to make a load of vegetables taste amazing and EVERYONE loves it! You can actually use any spice blend to make it match your meal.

All I do it blitz an eggplant, zucchini, onion, mushrooms and any other random veg floating around. Then I saute it slowly until it breaks down into a thick and chunky sauce. I add tomato paste or you can use fresh tomatoes too. Tagine was the flavour of the night and I rubbed it allover the butterflied lamb and roast potatoes. The roasting pan juices and gooey bits get poured in at the end after carving the meat. The fat and meat juices take the flavour up a notch.


Tuesday - Chicken Carbonara

image of chicken carbonara

Put carbonara back on the menu by adding a protein like chicken or seafood and some vegetables. I use gluten free pasta but suit yourself. I pan fry off the chicken and add Herbalicious and ample Garlic Pepper Salt. Then some veggies like beans, red capsicum, onion - any of the quicker cooking veg are nice. I add a little stock to make a sauce and loosen the scrappy bits on the pan.

Once the pasta is cooked, I toss it all together and remove it from the heat. In a bowl on the side I whisk 4-6 eggs and ½ cup or so of finely grated parmesan. Pour it over everything and quickly toss and turn it through so the egg doesn’t scramble. As the sauce warms it becomes creamy and silky. So Good!

Wednesday - Crispy Pork Belly Stir Fry with Coconut Rice 

image of crispy pork belly with korean sauce and coconut rice

I’m playing with pork belly in the airfryer and this was not a bad attempt. I cut the meaty side of the pork into the sized cubes I wanted in the end. Rubbed sweet Spice and Garlic Pepper all over the meat and salted the skin (dried overnight unwrapped in the fridge). 40 minutes at 200C (outside on the deck!)

Stir Fry Sauce -  Combine chicken stock, Garlic Pepper, Sweet Spice, the meat juices and a little tapioca

Korean Hot Dipping sauce - A little combo of Gochujang sauce (O Food brand with the gold lid in the supermarket has reasonable ingredients), apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, honey and soy - maybe a splash of water.

Thursday - Anzac Day BBQ

image of BBQ spiced steak - sliced on a plate

We always gather a few friends together for Anzac Day football and everyone pitches in on the spread - potato salad, roast veg salad and usually a brown rice salad. Easy BBQ meats seasoned with any one of the Salt Bombs.

Friday - Pizza Night at the Golf Club!

Yup! Every now and then, I indulge in a little pizza with friends. After years of being strict and working out which foods make me feel a bit ordinary, I can enjoy these things when they pop up, guilt free. My theory is to make a choice and live with the consequences and move on.


Have a fab weekend doing things you love with people that light you up!

Kimberly xo
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