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The Fat Loss Protocol is owned and operated by Cyndi O'Meara and the Changing Habits team. Cyndi has been a huge supporter of mine and endorses the use of Secret Spice Co products throughout the Protocol. They are P2 compliant and provide a shortcut to flavour without sacrificing health. 

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A Message From Cyndi O'Meara

Kimberly is a great cook, I love going to her place and consuming the best foods ever.  Her meats, fish, poultry and her vegetables were exquisite, there was always an incredible taste to them.  I always wanted to know her magic ingredients.  She used a bunch of spices and herbs and more often than not I’d forget the combination.  

When she came out with a range of organic mixed herbs and spices to tantalise the taste buds, I purchased the lot.  

You can benefit too!

Now I seem like the master chef in my own kitchen.  Even better, not only have I benefited but so has everyone on my Fat Loss Protocol.  Kimberly has taken the time to create recipes with her herb and spice combinations for my recipes and better still has created recipes for all my clients on the protocol.

Most curry, Mexican, seasoned salts, Moroccan mixes to name a few, have dubious additives, are not organic and are something I don’t endorse or support or purchase.  

Kimberly’s I use most days in my cooking.

Cyndi O’Meara


Founder of Changing Habits and Changing Habits Farm

Founder of The Nutrition Academy

Producer of What’s With Wheat.

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