meal planning

7 Meals planned without planning.

How to plan your meals when you haven't got a plan.
Meal Planning….bleh, who does it? 

How do you choose what you’re eating if you don’t plan? Tell me in the comments, I seriously want to know what you guys are doing. When I do it, I love it.

But if I haven’t planned then this is what I do:

  • Go to the butcher (support local) and see what’s on special (Monday’s aren’t always a good day until they’ve stocked up)
  • Pick a slow cooker meat, a roast, a grilling/BBQ meat, a stir-fry meat, and mince. No apologies for being a meat eater, I'll get to the vegetarian options shortly 😉
  • Buy enough for a double batch for the slow cook and the roast 
  • That’s 7 meals done and dusted. Maybe more if you're savvy.
  • Half the slow cook goes in the freezer after a couple of lunch servings are taken out.
  • One roast gets chopped up and straight in the freezer, after a couple of lunches are served out.
  • If they’re too small for another meal then they get turned into soup! Bang a heap of veg and broth in a pot and then add your leftovers.
  • Cook once, eat twice my friends! BOOM, DONE!

But what recipes are you going to follow? Ugh, the flicking through recipe books collecting dust on the shelves is exhausting! That's why I pretty much only ever create a dish using Secret Spice Co blends - they are my pantry staples and pretty much everything else could go that's sitting in my messy drawer of open packets. Relate??

This is where you can adapt what I've said above to anything vegetarian and I always add extra veg where I can - Meat should be the side, not the veg, but the flavours and sauces you can create make the veg taste better if that's your struggle.

Take a look at the blends I've selfishly created for myself 😉. They're all based on what I usually cook throughout the week.

  • Curry one night
  • Something herby like a roast or grill/BBQ
  • A little Tex Mex burrito bowl or saucy baked eggs
  • A touch of lemon peppery boost on just anything
  • Asian style five spice stir fry or hotpot (actually 6 but you get the flavours right?).

Take the dishes mentioned above and turn them into a flavourful sensation that is fuss free and quick to throw together all with one scoop of tirelessly tweaked goodness.

There's two ways you can wing it:

  • Choose the spice and shop for what takes your fancy
  • Choose the ingredients and transform what you have into that flavour

Easy Peasy!


Drop in the comments if this has been helpful.

Kimberly xo

PS Try and have a veg meal and a fishy something each week too.