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Spicing up or Cooling Down your Curry

Here's how to spice up your curry or cool it down so that everyone can enjoy the one meal and the chef only has to cook once! Don't let the heat of a dish be why sometimes you go without a tasty curry as part of your everyday cooking. Spice it up! 

Secret Spice Co Delhi organic spice

 Everyone has different tastes. There's no argument there. If you like it hot and others don't, you have a couple of choices…..make it for yourself, freeze and eat whenever you damn well want OR have all the tools you need to make it right for everyone.

Heat things up with condiments!

Hot Lime Pickle

Chilli sambal

Chilli oil

Sprinkle with cayenne pepper (carefully!)

Or separate into another pot and add extra Delhi, fresh chilli's or chilli powder. Cook through.

Cool it down for them:

Include lots of veggie's to dilute the heat

Natural yoghurt

Fresh cucumber

Fresh tomato

Raita - a combo of all of the above

Fresh apple

Glass of milk (emergency intervention)

Sweet mango chutney

Served with lots of rice and less sauce

Add more coconut cream or yoghurt to a separate portion

Balancing it out

Keeping the flavour high and the salt at the right level needs to be kept in consideration.

If you need to dilute the chilli, then you’re also diluting the flavour of the spices and the salt.

Garam Masala is a spice combo that has been roasted before packaging and is perfect for adding at the end of cooking for an instant curry flavour boost without the chilli. Some of them contain pepper so be careful you’re not adding more heat!

Serving the hotter curry alongside fresh salads and mild vegetable curries tempers the heat somewhat and may please the sensitive palate. 

Worse comes to worst and you can’t convince them that it’s an awesome addition to the weekly menu, then you make and freeze your own pot of loveliness and have it when they’re eating something boring….we all have those meals lurking around!

Kimberly xo