The BIG Clear Out

Alright, people! I've got stock that needs to go!

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Now, I've got to be all legal and tell you that these blends are approaching their 'best before' date. But here's the deal: it's more of a gentle suggestion than a spice emergency. These flavour-packed gems might lose just a smidge of their mojo over the years, not months. Some ingredients also hold a little moisture and create clumping so when you get them, you may need to break them up a little. They're still perfectly good to use, but there's one little ingredient in there with a shorter best-before date that brings the whole packet down a peg.

So, to be completely transparent, these spice blends are best before February and March. But I'm being generous and giving you ample time to work your kitchen magic. With ten servings per packet and feeding four people, you might just find yourself using them every night, and poof, the packet will vanish before you know it.

Now, if you're thinking of sharing the spice love as a gift, be sure to explain the situation to your receiver. And if you're on the cautious side, feel free to keep them chilling in the fridge.