Our Spices in a Nutshell

Need help deciding?? "Spice" doesn't necessarily mean "Spicy Hot". 

While we have a small range, they are all very different. Scroll through and take a look at the different collections we have. 

Wherever you see a herb or flavouring in any recipe, you can swap out with, or add to, one of these delicious flavour sensations.

Here is a run down of the flavours from Secret Spice Co:


While they are all made with organic ingredients and are gluten, sugar and additive free, the Salt Bombs can't be made certified.

The Salt Bombs are the only blends that contain salt so you can control the level of spice and salt in your cooking or simply sprinkle straight on the plate for an instant flavour hit.

Chilli Garlic Salt - Chilli Garlic Salt is the perfect sprinkle straight on the plate, to stir through or rub all over for that chilli garlic hit some of us are obsessed with. Tread with caution!

Garlic Pepper Salt - Peppery, salty, and garlicky. Bang on seasoning for meat and veggies. Sprinkle to add flavour before, during, or after cooking. The perfect seasoning straight on the plate, stir through or rub all over for that garlic pepper hit. 

Spring Zing  - Your new go-to all purpose, Lemon Pepper Salt Sprinkle for any meal. Keep it by the stove for cooking and coating, or on the table for sprinkling straight on your food.

SALT FREE BLENDS - flavour bases for boosting any meal

The first two pack a little punch, that's why we made them salt free, so you can add a little or a lot and still have amazing flavour.

Delhi - A classic, butter chicken style blend of spices with a mild-moderate chilli hit that you can easily add to if you want more fire. When you’re staring blankly at the fridge, this is your new best friend. 

Smokin - Bring a hit of Mexico to the table with this Mexican Style Seasoning. It's a smoky, bang-on blend of organic spices. Elevate your weekday meals with just one scoop, sprinkle or generous smothering and leave your taste buds screaming for more. Smokin’ has a mild-medium chilli hit to keep everyone happy but you can always add more.  

Select From our Family Friendly Range

Herbalicious- The herby goodness in Herbalicious provides a depth of flavour to just about anything. She’s your herby go-to for that comforting familiarity of mixed herbs with that little extra something to jazz up any meal.

Sweet Spice - Sweet Spice is not just your traditional mixed spice, festive baking blend. It can also be used in place of Chinese Five Spice. The perfect match with the Salt Bombs to get a little fragrance into your stir fries, slow cooks and marinades. 

Tagine - Create your own sultry moods of Morocco! Tagine is peppery rather than the heat of chilli making it easy to put a little or a lot without blowing your top!